4WD Hire

Cross Every Boundary with our 4WD Hires

Mughal Caravan offers an impeccable range of 4WD or four-wheel drives. Our vehicles are built to survive all kinds of driving conditions with their improved traction that gives you easy control over your car. Matters not if you're going up a steep hill or driving through snow, Mughal Caravan’s 4WD range will keep you safe as you continue your adventure without letting any limitations stop you! For our customers who love to live on the edge and enjoy off-roading, Mughal Caravan’s 4WD hiring options are exactly what you need to let your inner thrill-seeker run free!

Why Choose Our 4WD?

Our wide range of 4WD options to choose from, you are entitled to the flexibility you need for your specific needs. Suited to all budgets and tastes, our premium 4WD vehicles are the perfect rentals for your off-road adventures. Unlike our competition, Mughal Caravan lets you experience the country like never before. Our safe and secure four-wheelers are equipped with every measure for you to relieve yourself from any worries as you set off into the outdoors. The extra power that comes with a Mughal Caravan 4WD remains unmatched and offers our valued customers nothing short of extraordinary. Still not convinced? Let us tell you exactly what makes our 4WD the right option for your expeditions:

  • Highly improved traction in dangerous driving conditions that involve rain, ice and rocks.
  • Engagement of both sets of wheels, giving you greater control of the car.
  • The additional weight contributes to an improved grip.


Affordable, Practical and Innovative

Whether you want to chase the sun or the moon, our rugged and tough four-wheel drives will take you anywhere you want to go! With their compact size and powerful engines, Mughal Caravan 4WD hires offer you comfort, style and function – all at an unbelievably affordable price! Cruise between restaurants, retail stores and beaches and know you'll have space for you and your family! With options that are large enough for 5 adults and luggage, you can enjoy your holiday without worrying about any storage or safety limitations! With air conditioning and the most comfortable interiors, our 4WD options guarantee you the best Australia has to offer! Whatever your plans might be, Mughal Caravan offers all our customers a range of premium four-wheel drives they can rely on for just about everything!

Trust Us As We Turn Your Dreams Into Reality!

If you love taking on a challenge, we believe that your vehicle shouldn’t be any different! Being one of Australia’s most trusted hire specialists, Mughal Caravan offers our customers flexibility and leisure, unlike anyone else. Matters not if you're looking for a short or long-term 4WD hire, our experts will dedicate their time to find the perfect vehicle and budget so that you get to experience adventure in the truest sense. With our endless four-wheel drive options and easy booking procedures, setting off on an unforgettable trip becomes easier than ever before! All you need to do is plan your itinerary while we do all the hard work and find you a car that's built for adventure – just like you!