Out of all the camping sites that you can consider visiting to spend valuable time with your loved ones; certainly, South Australia is a country that is full of picturesque places that can give you the most captivating view ever. Whether you are an avid celebrator or person who loves to observe the natural beauty of this world, the campsites in South Australia can be considered as the best option for you to visit along with your caravans. Nestled in the mountains, and surrounded by river banks, this countryside can indeed help you ignite the spark while providing you with the calmest environment ever. With that said, let’s dive deeper into some of the most visited caravan parks that you MUST visit with your family at least once in a while:

1. Eagle Falls Country Lodge and Camping

Eagle Falls is among the finest spots where you can take your caravan to spend the most splendid time with your family. Surrounded by green oases, deeply shaded trees, and thundering waterfalls, Eagle Falls is the best place for those who are fond of natural beauty and prefer spending a peaceful day in an unfussy environment. With long distanced roads and convenient tracks, you can easily locate the perfect site in your caravan to get the ball rolling. The uniquely designed routes can also easily guide you to the fascinating spots that Eagle Falls has to offer. The friendly rocky tracks of the mountains and the caves can be the best destination for you to spend hours wandering and admiring the natural beauty of the place.

2. Isinkwe Safaris Bush Camp

If you are one of those people who love to explore the wild, then Isinkwe Safari Bush Camp is the best camping site for you. Along with the elephant coast, this family-friendly bush site blesses the scenic beauty of this place; allowing the campers to enjoy a captivating view. Moreover, the convenient track route makes it easier for campers to drive their caravan to various sites that this place has to offer. Once there, you can easily find self-guided trails that can help you make the most of the place, allowing you to admire the real beauty of the wild nature. While tracking, keep your eyes and ears open to admire birds, tortoise, antelope and mongoose as you pave towards your destination. The evening can be spent along with your loved ones inside your caravan while the natural greenery complements and makes everything beautiful!

3. Sabie River Camp

If you’re searching for something extra special, consider going on camping in your caravan to a place that allows you to enjoy the perfect scenic view of natural waterfalls. This famous panorama route in the Mpumalanga province is well-known for Kruger National park; a ten-minute drive from the Sabie river site. Consider staying at the centre of the pack of mountains with Drakensberg peaks as the backdrop. With broad walking paths and panoramic views, this place allows you to admire some of the best spots in the South Australian scenery. The heated mountain site along with the river site serves the best site where you can relax and spend some quality time with your loved ones. Moreover, there are spots where you can conveniently park your caravan and cook some delicious food to give things a complementary touch!


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