Caravan Insurance

Mughal Caravan has Got You Covered!

Whether you’re a fan of frequent family holidays or if you like going on adventures all by yourself, Mughal Caravan ensures that with us, you receive a safe and comfortable experience while you travel. Our impeccable insurance policies help you make the most of your adventures, knowing that you're in safe hands. Our dedicated team prioritises your safety over anything else. We understand that no two customers are the same. This is why our insurance policies are inclusive, flexible and suited to every possible need that might arise. We guarantee that all our customers can rest assured that your home away from home is safe with Mughal Caravan’s trusted insurance plans.

Why Choose Us?

Matters not if you’re travelling the whole country or residing permanently on-site, Mughal Caravan’s comprehensive caravan and camper insurance covers all kinds of accidents, thefts and includes repair and replacement of fixtures and fittings. With our emergency repair and towing services, our customers can enjoy a hassle-free vacation and trust us to help them out in case of any and all difficulties. With Mughal Caravan, not only do you get a luxury vehicle for all your travel needs, but you also receive an experience that is stress-free and as secure as ever.


Competitive Insurance Policies for Your Benefit

Enjoy your adventure, knowing that all your damages are covered with Mughal Caravan. Our customer-oriented insurance plans prioritise your wellbeing above anything else and provide you with nothing short of the absolute best. To know why our caravan insurance is the best option for you, feast on a few features of our policy that help us stand out from our competitors:

  • Cover for any accidental damage, no matter how big or small.
  • Cover while touring or parked on-site.
  • Replacement of Electrical motors in case of burn out.
  • New-for-old caravan replacement options.
  • Cover for fire, explosion, storms and theft.

Set off in your vehicle without worrying about maintenance costs. With Mughal Caravan, our customers can rest assured that their vehicle is our responsibility. Our extensive range of insurance plans makes sure that no harm comes to you or your vehicle as you experience all the great things that Australia has to offer!


Travel in Confidence, with Mughal Caravan’s Impeccable Insurance Plans

With Mughal Caravan’s limitless insurance options, nothing can stop you from going on your next great adventure. Our tailored caravan insurance policies reflect on your lifestyle and usage of the vehicle. This way, we can provide our customers with insurance that is guaranteed to solve all their problems. For caravan insurance that values who you are, get in touch with Mughal Caravan and leave all the worrying to us!