Paramount Caravan Hire

Mughal Caravan’s Paramount Caravans - Bringing Your Adventures to Life!

Here, at Mughal Caravan, we believe in having endless travel options for our customers to pick and choose from. We understand that no two customers are the same, so why should they settle for something that’s not worth their time and money? Remote ready and equipped with the latest technology, our Paramount Caravans are the ideal home for all our customers who like to disconnect from the crowd once in a while. Using only Australian 3.2mm thick tube steel, our engineered caravans are perfectly built for the Australian roads; delivering you comfort and the taste of adventure, all at once!

Feel the Difference with Our Caravans

Discover the Mughal Caravan difference as we strive to provide you with a luxury lifestyle that's affordable and practical. With us, you have the option to explore the beautiful sights of Australia from the comfort of your hired caravan. Our wide range of off-road and on-road Paramount caravans allows us to find you a vehicle that's perfect for you and your family. With Mughal Caravan, our valued customers are provided with the most luxurious travelling experience, without an exorbitant price tag. We take pride in our diversity and customer-oriented approach; so you can leave the worrying to us and start planning your next great adventure!


An Experience like no other!

With Mughal Caravans, your vacation becomes more convenient than ever before! With our bespoke range of Paramount caravans, it’s easy for us to bring your adventures to life. The Mughal Caravan camper range has been created for those who want to experience what the world has to offer and seek out new off-road environments with elegance and comfort. Lightweight and easy to tow with a narrow hybrid body width, our campers are definitely a mile apart than the rest. Clever design and prompt set up time create a luxurious camping experience, unlike any other caravan. Topping it off with self-generating energy capacity, our Paramount caravans provide the ideal base-camp for your extended stays, away from all your worries.

Our Bespoke Caravans – Helping you stand out from the crowd.

Designed to provide impeccable comfort and practicality, our range of bespoke caravans guarantees that all of our customers will find something that’s perfect for them. Built to withstand even the toughest environments, let our caravans take you through unconventional routes and unexplored alleys, to help you discover yourself in nature. Should you need more reasons to give our impeccable caravans a try, take a look at a few things that set us apart from the rest:

  • Custom-built campers, tailored to your specific requirements.
  • Modern travelling solutions, featuring the latest equipment and technology.
  • Vehicles built by Australia’s most experienced engineers and skilled craftsmen.
  • Equipped with solar power banks, internet and plenty of storage.


Let us Take Care of You!

At Mughal Caravan, our customers are prioritised above everything else. We take pride in our immaculate customer service as we work to make sure that all our customers are satisfied and receive exactly what they ask for. Regarded by industry experts, you can rest assured that with Mughal Caravan, you’re in safe hands with the guarantee of getting nothing but top quality products for your personal adventure!