For all the right reasons, planning an adventurous trip in your caravan is certainly one of the most sought for things that the majority of the South Australians look forward to. However, if you’re new in South Australia when it comes to selecting for the right spot, South Australia is full of captivating scenery where you can spend the loveliest time with your closed ones.  Such family gatherings are the best way of connecting with various members while enjoying a peaceful and calm nature. Things are much exhilarating when you book a caravan for your upcoming adventure. While adding to the exquisiteness of the trip, a caravan can be regarded as the best alternative if you are tight on your budget.

Exploring South Australia – Making The Most Out of Your Caravan!

Planning to go on a vacation where you have to book hotels and resorts can certainly be a burden on your budget, especially if you own a caravan. Therefore, your caravan on tow is the most viable option for you to plan your next exciting activity. With that said, below mentioned are some of the most captivating sites that you can consider visiting in South Australia for your next family trip along with a caravan; a low-cost alternative:

1. The Stringybark campground – Conservation Park

Located almost 100 kilometres south of Adelaide and nestled among South Australia natural beauty, Stringybark Campground is famous amongst the caravan owners. If you are planning your caravan trip with your family, this is THE place to get things going. The picturesque view of long-stretched trees and natural beauty can help you feel absolutely serene. Moreover, you can also find easy and convenient spots where you can park your caravan and can spend the most beautiful evening you’ve ever experienced!

2.The campgrounds of Mambray Creek – National Park

You can find this marvellous campsite situated 45 kilometres north of Port Pire. The place is famous for its far-stretched campgrounds, beautiful land and scenic views. It certainly is the best camping site for you to visit along with your caravans. What makes it a much popular choice amongst the campers is the fact that this place has a myriad of natural shades of tall and bushy trees where you can easily park your caravan and peacefully enjoy the weather. With a lot to explore and visit, this campsite can be regarded as the best destination if you fancy tall mountains and hilly areas. However, before you plan to visit this place, consider planning an itinerary for a day or two as it will help you in making the most out of this trip.

3. Pondalowie Bay Caravan and Trailers Campground:

The centrally situated Pondalowie Bay is the perfect location for you to take your caravan for camping. This site allows you to enjoy some of the very exciting features such as snorkelling, swimming in natural ponds and lakes, fishing and even boating. Pandalowie Bay has nine base campsites, all of which are equally beautiful and worth camping at!

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